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Chignon Pins

I got some great ammonites! When they're gone, they're gone.

Instructional video on how to use a chignon:

Plain chignon pins.


A "plain" Chignon Pin has bronze curlicues. All Plain pieces are tack-welded on the backside to prevent the hair slipping to the inside of the top and getting caught.(I learned about that one the painful way!) Each piece is individual. Style and length will vary. . .by the way . . .SIZE COUNTS!

Fancy chignon pins.
Fancy chignon pins.


Fancy Chignons have cabochon tops of stone or metal. You may provide your own top piece of stone, metal, ceramic, or wood. Almost any rigid material with a relatively flat back will work. You can carve your own piece out of sculpey if you want, as long as the back is reasonably flat. Plated materials don't work well. The epoxy I use is stronger than the plating. If there is too much stress on the top piece, the plating will peel right off. I've has success mounting stamped coins from Quicksilver, mer-animals by Yanna, and various pendants.


If your ponytail is about the size of a quarter and your hair is to the bottom of your shoulder blades, you need a medium. If you have questions about what size you take, call me. If we agree on a size and it doesn't work, I'll be happy to switch it out in the mail. If it's too long I can easily cut it down. Too short and you get a new piece.

Semi-Precious and other Fancy Stones

Available stones include Tiger Eye, Onyx, Mother Of Pearl (both white and black), Malachite, Hematite, Red or Black Lace Agate, and Aventurine. See photos for ideas. The stones, sizes, and prices vary considerably. Most add $10-$45 to the base price of the chignon. If it is a hand-carved piece the price goes up considerably. Stones like Lapis and Malachite I prefer to be customer provided. This way we both know you'll love what you get.

Celtic horse. Harp Triskellion
Cat Boar
Moon Celtic knot. Green man.