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Set-up help wanted for Pennsic, info is under the contact box.

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Pennsic Set-up Help Wanted:

I really need set-up & tear-down help for Pennsic War. I'll need 2-3 people to help on Sunday July 31, beginning at 2pm, for 2-3 hours. I will need the same 3 again on Saturday Aug 6, 2014, at 7 am sharp for 2 hours max. Due to the height of the booth, I need you to be 6' tall, and pretty strong. Pay is $30 each. I pay cash, same day! I'm at booth #15 on Bow Street, across from Odessey Coffee.

General Requirements for sales help: MUST have long hair! Not "collar length" long, but to at least the middle of your shoulder blades. You should be friendly, outgoing, and smart. You should be a self-starter and a fast learner, who believes in showing up to work on time and clean. A friendly disposition with a tendency to flirt is excellent. If you can't walk up to a complete stranger and start talking, I'm sorry, but this isn't for you. Attention to detail is important. Previous hairdressing experience is ideal but not necessary. Some knowledge of semi-precious stones is helpful. Must be over 18, over 21 preferred.

Dragon*Con Requirements: In addition to the general requirements, you must have your own crash space, I cover your badge. I need a back-up sales minion during the busiest part of the day, and for set-up & tear-down. Pay is $10/hr. I estimate 4-5 hours of work per day.


  If you're interested, just e-mail me:   with your experience and contact info.