Circle Works - Bronze Barrettes & Chignon Pins

Ordering, Warranty,
Payment & Shipping

Ordering: I don't do "e-business" because when I travel, I'm gone for 1-3 weeks, sometimes with no e-mail, and often without access to my packing & shipping materials. In general, to place an order, it's best to call or e-mail. We talk about what you'd like, I tell you what I have in stock, or how long it will take to make what you need. If you're interested in a fancy barrette, I'll take a photo next to a ruler so you can gauge size, and e-mail it to you. Fancy barrettes are very individual, and size really counts.

If I'm in town, I generally return an e-mail inside 24 hours. Phone can be a little more difficult thanks to time zones and work schedules. If, for some odd reason you haven't heard back from me in a couple of days, CALL ME! (336-882-8572)


Warranty: "If you manage to break it, short of deliberate destruction, I will replace it."

I've had the same warranty since I started in '93, and it will be good until I'm no longer capable of doing the work, or until I keel over of natural or unnatural causes. However, there are 3 caveats or restrictions to the warranty.

        First, "Deliberate Destruction". Any metal bent back & forth over & over again will get metal fatigue & break. Your nephew bending a barrette back & forth, over & over because he has made it the tool belt for his action figure counts as "deliberate destruction". (Yes, I really had someone ask for a warranty replacement on it.) If you break a leg off a chignon pin in normal use, (it sometimes happens) even if your hair is ridiculously thick, I'm happy to replace it.

        Second, you have to send me at least one of the broken pieces, or a photo of it. The warranty is good for my lifetime, so once I croak, of natural (or unnatural) causes, you're on your own. (Note: I don't weld it into another piece, you get a brand new one. Welding a beat up, broken piece into a new piece is a recipe for failure. Not going there.)

        Third, non-bronze. If you get a chignon with a fancy top, I can't guarantee the top piece. If the epoxy fails to hold, I'm happy to re-secure it. I've only had this happen a few times, but it's possible, so I figured I'd better mention it.


Payment Options: I am now in the 21st Century (or so they tell me). I'm really loving PayPal, and I can accept Visa, Mastercard, or Discover. When I receive payment confirmation, the piece goes out in the mail. The old standby of a check via snail mail works too.


Shipping: Normal shipping via snail mail is $3.00 which generally covers to 3-4 normal size pieces. If you're ordering more than 3 pieces, I'll weigh it and let you know the cost. I've rarely had it exceed 4.00. Overseas shipping costs more, I'll let you know the expected cost when you order, but it hasn't been a problem so far. If you'd prefer another shipping option, let me know. I'll figure out the cost, and if you still want to do it that way, I'm fine with it. Parcel tracking comes standard on items shipped UPS or FedEx, but costs about $1.60 extra through the post office. I typically don't use it, but I'm happy to if you request it.


Plain Barrette

Plain Barrettes

Plain barrettes come in 4 styles: Hearts, Moons, SSS, and SOS. All plain barrettes are $30 regardless of size.
Plain barrettes take the regular picks, If it's wide enough to require a heavy pick, it's no longer plain.

Fancy Barrette

Fancy Barrettes

"Fancy Barrettes" are all individually made and vary considerably in style, size, and price. They range from $40 - $140.00, with most styles falling in the $55 - $90 range. All of the larger barrettes are wider, and have a higher dome. They hold a lot more hair. Because of the higher dome, it is very difficult to guess what size they will be or how much hair they will hold. Styles available have a diamond, square, quatrefoil, or moons as the centerpiece. I really prefer to sell them in person.

Plain Chignons

Plain Chignons

Plain Chignons are $50.00 and come with a variety of curliques on top. Each one is individual.

Fancy Chignons

Fancy Chignons

Fancy Top: $60.00 - $110.00

Agates: $60.00
Semi-Precious: $60.00 - $90.00
Quicksilver Coin Tops: $60.00 (Bronze & Copper)
$80.00 (Silver .90 pure)
Carved: $75.00 and up
I only do a few of these each year. Price depends on complexity and availability varies. 1995 - 2015 I have done 34.
Base for Custom: $50.00

Rules for a Custom Chignon:

  • Material must be customer provided
  • Material must have a reasonably flat back, some curve is OK.
  • Material should be solid and firm (no paper) Most metal or stone will work fine. High Fire ceramics, carved resin pieces, and fired sculpey work too. The shorter the pin needs to be, the lighter the top piece has to be.
  • Size - the piece should be no less that 3/4" square or 20mm round. It should be no larger than 2" square.
  • Material MAY NOT BE PLATED. The epoxy I use is stronger than the plating.
  • I will not guarantee the non-bronze part of the chignon.