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Show List for 2016

I'm sad to say taht I wil no longer be vending at Dragon*Con. The expenses are just too high. Getting that much stick ready in the short time I have between Pennsic and Dragon*Con is enough to make you crazy. I am loking for a couple of Spring shows, and I will continue to do Pennsic. I do most of my teaching in the fall, so I don't do many fall shows. Tent

Dates Name Description
June 3 - 5 Con Carolinas

We are Moving back to the Hilton, more details later.

July 28 - Aug 12, 2015 Pennsic War!

Pennsic 46 ! This is the largest SCA event in the US. Close to Slippery Rock, PA. This is an annual SCA War and camping event. About 11,000 people attend for close to 2 weeks. I remain in SPACE #15. Located on the corner across from Odessey Coffee house & the glass blower, where Bow Street bends. I'm close to the shower house, and the big store/old barn.